The Appealing Persona of Online Casino

Why gamble in a place where the hustle and bustle can cause extreme headache, annoying distractions and endless anxiety that could be detrimental to one’s gambling performance? These are just a few of the many disadvantages of playing in a real casino environment particularly land based casinos.

The bustling activity can cause distraction to a serious casino player who intends to pay full concentration in playing a casino game and seriously aiming to win. In addition, the watchful eyes of the people who serve as audience to their live performance of playing a casino game can be too much of a distraction that results to a casino player’s intense feeling of anxiety to their game.

For casino players who often experience these distracting conditions, online casinos are far more attractive and appealing for them to play at. The birth of online casino paved the way of global business for casinos where it caters millions of casino players worldwide engaged in playing casino games at the convenience of their homes or other venues other than a casino land based establishments. The added venue convenience to play casino games is another asset of online casinos which earned its popularity worldwide.

There are many appealing ways an online casino offers when playing your favorite casino games. First, there is no dealer in an online casino. All casino games are operated by computer programs. This means an added value of savings for not being compelled to give a dealer’s tip. Secondly, online games played in an online casino are faster than the usual counterparts found in a real casino venue since no live conversation takes place among dealers and players.

The virtual graphic, sounds and animations of online casino make it more entertaining, appealing and attractive. Rules of the games are always readily available on the webpage of an online casino to which an online casino can take a peek from time to time throughout the course of their game. Payout charts are available for the member’s web page at a button’s click. Casino game software is also available for all online players to download and enjoy the similarly entertaining casino games played in real casinos.

More comfort and better tolerance can be exerted when playing an online casino. The online casino player feels more comfortable in making every move decision without the distraction caused by live audiences as would be in a real casino environment. Able to multi task while playing your favorite casino game is another appealing feature found in online casino. You have the freedom to eat, watch television, write and do numerous things possible while on a game.

With Various Types of Gambling Casinos, Can One Really Beat The House

As you make your way to the alluring lights that surround the interiors of Vegas casinos, more often than not, you’ll be greeted by paths to where you can push your luck and strut your stuff. You can choose a particular scene out of the various types of gambling casinos. You may opt for poker or some casino games. How about sports betting? Though one must remember that these games require different skill levels (and sum of money) to at least have the chance to play the game and hopefully win the same. Fun and profitable, good combo, right? Well, we’ll see.

Poker This is one of the types of gambling casinos where you can’t beat the house—because you’re playing against other casino regulars, not the house itself. Majority would claim that poker is a game of chance, but it’s not the only thing that you need. Chance is something that is essential when the cards are dealt. After that, betting comes in and such action entails skill and strategy.

It is typical to see a long waiting list when one intends to play poker. There are various types of gambling casinos and owners have this ‘profit equation’ with regard pokers. Small poker rooms = long queue = impatient patrons = play another casino game. Note that when playing poker, you’re trying to beat another patron not the house. Ergo, the casino doesn’t rake much earnings from poker tables—well, not really. Casinos are still able to ‘cash-in some chips’ for they receive a certain percentage from the winning pots. In addition, the players are to give tips to dealers when winning an amount higher than $20—usually a couple of dollars worth of tip will do.

Casino Games

The extravagant facade of casinos would likely be attributed to the large amount of house earnings generated by almost all types of gambling casinos. One may win huge pots, but this, unfortunately, is a rare occurrence. And even if you win in casino games, same is just fleeting—a moment’s pleasure. A short-term win. A perfect example is playing blackjack. Even if you employ the best strategy, the house will still have a good 50% edge. Also, it is said that if you would sit on every table offering casino games, you’d end up losing less money if you’re playing blackjack. Try to be involved in games that don’t post an overly inflated house edge, ok? Ok.

Sports Betting

This is one of the types of gambling casinos that asks, ‘Who’s going to triumph, Team A or Team B?’ This is essentially how the game goes. At present, only the lucrative casinos located in Nevada carry this type of game in the US. When one is drawn in this game, he needs to pay ‘vigorish’-a kind of fee that the house charges. If instances show that both teams are equally matched, an individual will bet $11 just to collect $10. However, if circumstances demonstrate that one team is clearly at an advantage, then they will ‘handicap’ such sports betting by providing a ‘line’—a line that need be reached before a pay off will be made. This could be in a form of points depending on how better the other team is. The winning team must have at least a 7-point lead—this is an example of a line.

This is one of the types of gambling casinos where patrons often think that they’ve a good chance in figuring the outcome of the game better than the line makers. Well, they’re almost always, dead wrong. Casinos have resources that average joe has no access of, this alone gives the house an edge over every patron in their premises.

Pathological Gambling Disorder – You Could be an Addict

Pathological Gambling Disorder is one of the illnesses that are overlooked in the United States. This could be attributed to the fact that more states are legalizing gambling as one form of helping the economy through entertainment. Another factor that contributes to more people developing a Pathological Gambling Disorder is that gambling has become more available through the internet, which is by the way, still considered ILLEGAL. The last factor that could explain the illness’ prevalence is the lack of researched treatment for the disorder, when in truth, Pathological Gambling Disorder is just as serious as the psychiatric addiction to illegal drugs and alcohol.

So are you a victim of the issues mentioned above? If you are still not sure then it may help to know about the symptoms of this condition.

Pathological Gambling Disorder is characterized by compulsive impulses or risk-behavior (betting more / ‘chasing’), and at times tension, anxiety, moodiness, and excessive lying. In effect, individuals suffer from relentlessness conducts that lead to maladaptive patterns risking their job and family relationships. There are even cases when they end up committing a crime such as stealing or forgery in order to satisfy their urge to gamble. And sometimes, Pathological Gambling Disorder becomes an illness co-dependent with narcissism, histrionic, borderline personality disorder, alcoholism, compulsive sexual behavior, or obsessive compulsive shopping. More so, it even indicates money worship and an abnormal ‘mystical thinking,’ wherein the gambling addicts believe that they possess exceptional (strategy) skills, side by side an excessive belief in supernatural things such as bad luck. All in all, patients of gambling addiction develops escape tendency as they continually hope to escape thinking about real life problems through gambling.

As serious as it is, most people are still reluctant to seek treatment. Partly because most people are unaware that Pathological Gambling Disorder could be diagnosed an IS treatable. Only among the hopes of gambling addicts are therapeutic meditation, one-on-one psychodynamics or psychotherapy, and (social-behavioral) aversion therapy. There are also sympathetic help-groups that could help control the urge like the GA / ‘Gamblers Anonymous.’ Some websites that could yield helpful are and

You yourself could be the first one to realize and diagnose yourself as a gambling addict. There is no use denying because compulsive gambling is an illness and needs all the cure that it could get. If your lifestyle is triggered at risk for this disorder, then make a move NOW because prevention is key and is still the best cure.

Gambling California’s Influence Goes On

Gambling could be pursued in a setting that recalled the pride and glory of the westward movement. Apparently, it had lent a sort of legitimacy to an activity toward which most Americans were ambivalent.

In this manner, the motif of the last frontier, while clearly subsidiary to the dominant role of gambling, nonetheless remained significant in the appeal of downtown Las Vegas to tourists.

While Glitter Gulch continued to recall the heritage of the frontier, hotels and casinos on the Strip were designed using different motifs.

Underlying the resulting diversity of images, though, was gambling, the activity that more than anything else held together an increasingly amorphous city.

On the Strip, gaming took place in a distinctly resort setting.

The hotel complexes along the Los Angeles highway offered tourists every possible convenience, thereby making the shops and services of downtown Las Vegas unnecessary to those travelers who stayed on the Strip.

If the old railroad townsite lost some of its significance as an urban center, it nonetheless retained a specialized appeal.

There, commercial gambling emerged in its least adulterated form. Unencumbered with wedding chapels or guest cottages, gift shops, or parking lots, gourmet restaurants or show rooms, downtown casinos presented but one major service to customers.

Bettors from all classes continued to flock to Glitter Gulch for the straightforward dose of gambling, the last frontier environment which heightened the intense sensation, and the convenience of a glut of casinos located literally next door to one another.

After 1940, gambling came to dominate all aspects of downtown life, and the last frontier theme enhanced the experience of the downtown casino by setting the proper tone.

Americans— Las Vegas residents in particular, in this manner, perceived the ties between gambling and the westward migration.

Period architecture, western styles of music and dress and decoration, and events like Helldorado served to condition tourists for gambling, just as frontier conditions earlier had encouraged people to take risks.

The last frontier image first merged with and then replaced the railroad as a unifying force among the casinos of downtown Las Vegas, helping to sustain the vitality of the old railway townsite through the mid-twentieth century.

Gambling and the American frontier merged on Fremont Street as they never had before, but Glitter Gulch was only the beginning of the evolution of the western city of Las Vegas as gambling capital of the United States.

In the years after 1945 when the resort metropolis grew at an unprecedented pace, the underlying dynamism of expansion derived not from the downtown district, but rather from the flourishing Strip on the southern outskirts of town where the influence of Southern Californians was most pronounced.

In central Las Vegas, the changes produced a new form in the American culture of gambling, the downtown casino, which embodied both the last frontier recreated by Nevadans and the new cultural frontier originating in Los Angeles.

Within the framework of railroad town and last frontier, the downtown casino so magnified the importance of gambling that it became the ‘main pattern of life’ in Glitter Gulch.

Cheating You and Them

There is great diversity of opinion about the amount of cheating that takes place in Nevada. Some claim the crooked game is a thing of the past that belongs to the Gold Rush days and also that the casinos can’t afford the horrific publicity such scandal would bring. People call attention to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which keeps a close monitor on the casinos and which comes down with an iron hand on any casino caught defrauding the public. Another school of thought on the subject believes that there’s a lot more going on than anyone might expect in Nevada, and that institutions like the Gaming Control Board are ineffectual. They point to the notion that both Reno and Vegas are largely controlled by criminal syndicates and that cheating in Nevada is and always has been a way of life.

The truth no doubt lies somewhere in between. Cheating is far from exterminated in Nevada, and will never be exterminated there or anywhere else where gamblers convene. Yet by and large the casinos seem to be pretty clean. Gambling has become a corporate business in Nevada and it’s all to executive interests to keep things above-board. The club owners get high profits with clean play, so why rock the boat?

Not that they’re such moral or ethical souls. It’s just that they know that if out-of-towners have the slightest question concerning a casino’s integrity they’ll steer clear and bring their business elsewhere. The few dollars that might be picked up on a rigged apparatus or underhanded play is simply not worth the destruction a bad reputation would bring.

Nevertheless this does not mean that all Nevada gambling establishments are pearly white. A few aren’t. How to tell? As a good rule of thumb, it’s best to stick with the better-known places, the tried and true. If there’s going to be cheating, it’s more likely to occur in the down-and-out sections of town. Moreover, it will happen in places that don’t have much to lose by surrendering their gambling permits. The one-armed bandit at the local liquor store is more likely to be gaffed than the ones at the Flamingo. The crap table at a dive is more likely to use false dice than those along the Strip.

If you are in a casino and you think you are being cheated, what then? First of all, be sure. Many people raise a large squall and come out looking sheepish when their accusations are discredited. If you’re sure that something is going on, go to the manager or the pit boss and report it. Chances are he’s as interested in learning about cheaters as you. Remember that dealers are simply hired hands. Occasionally some kind of prior agreement between patron and dealer does take place. Or sometimes the dealer simply wants to pocket a few extra bucks for himself. Whatever the case, the manager is eager to know about this and is well aware that his casino could lose its license if caught. All cheating should be reported to those in charge; one can reasonably be certain that action will be sure and swift.